Casino Strategies to Win Video Poker Games

Poker is a well-known traditional table game, which has its wide impact on whole casino’s entertaining experience. No one can ever assume to be a complete casino player without having the descent skills about poker gameplay and its strategies. Online poker is a parallel form of table poker with a difference of its playing destination. It is played online without visiting any gaming destination, however; online poker also follows the same set of rules as offline poker does, yet online poker has more variants and flexibilities to accommodate every class of players, from a novice of poker games to an expert poker enthusiast. Basically, video poker is based on classic five cards drawn poker wherein player is dealt with five initial cards with the replacement options for any of his initial five cards. However, player can only ask for the replacement cards up to five times in a game, yet many versions allow more or less replacement options.


Gameplay to Win Video Poker

In every video poker session, there’re several payout combinations clearly mentioned on the screen where every hand ranking wins a different multiplier. So, every player should keep the list in mind and decide how best he can re-arrange his initial five cards to make them similar to the payout hand rankings. As a matter of wining trick, every casino player should segregate all sequential and equal suit cards, and then try to rank them as higher as possible. One of the main advantages playing video poker is its wild card that varies according to the variant you’re playing. Wild card is a specially powered card in video poker that can substitute any other card to make a winnable hand ranking. Like, if you’re playing a Jokers Wild Poker and you’re missing only one card to make you a royal flush hand ranking. In this case, you can use your wild joker card as the missing card and win the wild royal flush prize multiplier.

Many of the video poker variants are played with a deck of 53 cards, including a joker.


Keep Your Straights…tight!

The first five cards make you win the half battle for sure, if you have the basic cards to make a winnable hand ranking. So, if you have some straight flush or straight sequence cards, keep them tightly, and proceed with your game to make one of multiple straight hand rankings. However, casino player should also keep a backup plan, if initial replacement options don’t work to create the preplanned hand ranking.

At last, it’s a player’s strategical mind that does the hard work. There’re approximately thirty-two options to move the game with initially dealt five cards, and it takes a lot of mental jingle to remember all those options and make a winning hand ranking.

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